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Hi and welcome to "Peugeot citroen electric" page! The coalition between both auto makers (PSA Peugeot-Citroen) has been the biggest success in developing, an e-cars. Between 1995 and 2002 they assembled 10,000 electric vehicles. Some of these vehicles were slow and had little driving range. This came by the batteries that weren't as perfect as the latest developments as the Lithium/ion batteries.

Of course the sales of the early e-cars weren't that brilliant, so they decided to stop their e-car projects, until a few years back, when there was renewable interest in e-cars. It probably has to do with "fight climate change" issue,the image of a green car, and the increasing oil prices. So , reason enough for Peugeot citroen electric car companies to re-jump( like many other car companies did) on the e-car wagon.

They re-started with electric cars in 2005-2006.. On the Paris car show of year 2007,Peugeot introduced another e-car. It was the 207 electric. It was a electric prototype of Peugeot's most popular car.

In 2009 ,PSA "Peugeot Citroen electric cars" decide to team-up with another car builder: The Mitsubishi car company. So, it's no surprise that cars as the Peugeot Ion and the another model of the coalition partner "The Citroen C-zero" electric, and the iMieve from Mitsubishi are looking very the same.

They are all assembled at the same line in Japan. That's the main reason why these three e-cars, Ion,C-30 electric, and the iMieve are in general having the same looks.

But the iMiev for the US market is a bit longer and wider then the original models for the European and Japanese markets. This to get a bit closer to the car standards for the American residents.

Why a PSA should making such a coalition?

Why they team-up while they are in fact competitors.

There's only one explanation that I can think of, and that are the developments costs.The money to develop an e-car that meets the safety standards is really huge, even for a big car company.

But I'm sure that when things (and sales) for these e-cars are going better, then each company will walk there own way again, (and this could be next year.)

So there will be more to discover in the future..

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