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Welcome to our 'Electric car' info site.. Things are going fast in E-car land, and a lot of things are happening...On the other hand...The world need a better environement now.. Not in twenty years.. Let"s start it right now...Better air to breath...Stop the global warming..What more reasons can we have to change our way of travel from A to B?

For the future World....

This said....  Our site is not about million dollars  sport cars..nor about SUV or big limousines... No, here you'll find interesting info about the developing of the "all electric vehicles". Environmental friendly and climate change fighting cars..Not only pure electric vehicles will get a place, but also we'll put the spot on the plug-in hybrid cars.

Although they are inevitable for the environment...

Hard times are here to come for the pure electric vehicle companies . There's a lot of competition fro the big guy's, and most of the pure e-car makers are teaming up with an other company ( to survive).

Most of the e-cars are for daily city use. That's where they are fit in the best. We also will show the more futuristic models, or better said, the prototypes.

This are cars that never will comes on the market, but are also quit interesting to watch and to learn from.

Some o models that we going to show you are getting already a lot publicity, but are still not on the market. But for the most of them release date is set.

Today, the majority of the car makers develop new electric vehicles, and so each year they come with better electric vehicles. Also an important factor are the rising sales units. This means also that there's money to keep developing new cars..

It seems that the future is looking bright for the pure electric car.

The reasons why we need more e-cars on our streets are simple: We all want to have a greener and cleaner environment.

Also, we need to lower down the co2 emissions this to "fight climate change" as it is state in the global warming agreement , the "Kyoto protocol".

Third reason to purchase an zero emission car is this: In most western countries,fuel prices are going sky high and still rising....

Of course,electric vehicles are not perfect and still have a long way to go. But for cleaner air ,and a better environment that's why we are doing it for. With introducing the electric car in the city, we will, and can make living in the cities more attractive again.

The last few years we noticed that major car companies, from Europe to the United States and Japan, finally got the message that something had to be done to get a greener image ( perhaps under pressure of governments and the Kyoto protocol), and each one of them has come with his own 100% e-car project.

Electric cars...Biggest challenge...

The biggest challenge for the future of the electric vehicle...

They  will become better and better , that's a fact.. But, the majority of the car drivers aren't dreaming of purchasing an e-car..or driving silently across the city roads...

The numbers of electric cars sold to the public are still a fraction of the total amount of purchased vehicles, and this counts for Europe as well as for the U.S. People still want to drive com busting powered cars that makes a lot of noise, and are a pest for the environment...

One thing though.. We all , and our especially our kids, will learn that we gonna need to do it different in the future.. The available steam of Fossil fuels will be declining, and will also become very expensive..and there's nothing or no one in the world that could do something about that..

I really don't know if electric cars will be the next generation vehicles.. We'll see about that..But at this moment , they are the only alternative for todays com busting engine powered cars..

To end with

If you not aware of the names of some of these cars...Here are names to keep in mind..

• For Europe : Renault ZE, Peugeot IOn, BMW with the ActiveE and the i3 ,i5 and i8. Also Citroen with the C-zero

• The United States and Canada: Chevrolet Volt, Zenn Car company, electric car maker Zap , Tesla motor company...

• From India we have Reva motor company .

• From Japan, Mitsubishi with the Imiev, Nissan with the Nissan Leaf, Toyota has also a pure Electric, but is better known for it's hybrid cars: Prius and Auris Hybrid.

Of course there are many more models and brands to explore, because small e-car companies are rising here and there.. We leaving this for an other chapters that will come on this website.

To end with

There are probably many reasons enough to explain why an electric vehicle will become more and more important.

But let us keep it with the most important reason: A heart for a greener,and a sustainable world.

Could we ask for less?

Dear  friend.. Thanks for your visit . Feel free to re-visit our site to follow the updates..

The webmaster

Paul F.

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